Sunday, October 2, 2011

9-week Check-in

Yikes, it's been a long few weeks - some of the fastest too though! Little Bird is an amazing 9 weeks (2 days) old. How in the world did that happen since he was only born yesterday?!?

LB is doing well and is growing, changing and learning every day. He's got amazing neck strength and control, and is very alert and attentive. So much so, that my mom (his Nana) and I were talking tonight that sometimes we forget he's still just 9 weeks. He is quite the little charmer and is smiling so much these days! As of Thursday (the official 2-month mark) he weighed 9lbs, 6oz, only up 6oz from his 7-week check-up and shots 2 weeks earlier.

Speaking of shots. We are forging ahead with the recommended vaccine schedule. He received 3 shots and one oral. The nurse was so good and we hadn't thought he was getting them (we were there for something else), so it was actually very easy. I had heard all these stories about how it was hard and so many mommies cry as much as the baby. LB screamed a touch but it was over before either of us could do much of anything, and he settled right down as soon as she was through. I'm hoping it goes as well next time. We don't go back for another "well baby" visit until 4 months (December).

I've recovered physically. Got the all-clear for everything from my OB. And yesterday AF arrived. She's being incredibly kind for this first trip in ELEVEN months.

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