It has occurred to me that the name of this journal might sound a little pompous. And I promise it's not. It's just that I realize that I have a wonderful life - a privileged life.

I have a devoted husband, doting parents, loving friends and the most precious of sons. Other than little everyday annoyances, my life is pretty darn great.

And you can call it what you want - blessed, charmed, lucky - my life is full of privilege. I travel, have all my needs and lot of my wants met, I have a home, vehicle, and I never worry about "if" I'll get to eat at the next meal. It's more of "what do I want to eat."

In my opinion, if you don't worry about where you will sleep in safety on a pretty full stomach, you live in privilege.

Now, after 29 months of struggle we got that little issue of pregnancy and child-bearing out of the way, and life is just about perfect!