Thursday, September 22, 2011

Long Time Coming

You might notice that the blog title has changed. That is, if you actually look at the site, not just the feed/reader. I am now a "former infertile." Why? Because my fertility is now behind me.

I'm still grieving the loss, and it is surely with a heavy heart that I admit that while my parenting days are long before me, my fertile days are now a thing of the past.

AF will once more resume being just a monthly-ish nuisance (I will see her again, won't I? 8 weeks PP, not BFing and still no AF... not that I'm complaining!). There may be a few tears a couple years from now, when that "baby fever" strikes again and I have to really face that Little Bird is my one and only. It makes me sad to think of it today, and if I think about it long enough tears come, so I just try not to dwell on it and focus all my attention on LB. That's so easy to do!

The Hubs and I are completely smitten by our little guy. He's just absolutely beautiful. If you think that's just a proud mama talking, you can ask the dozens of friends and strangers who have told us so. He's so pretty, that even all decked out in very boy blue, I still get asked if he's a girl!

After today, this will primarily become a mommy-blog. Whoa! Who could've guessed a year ago I'd be writing that sentence?!? I'll never forget my infertility roots, but I'm trying to more and more take off my "infertility glasses" and see the world around me without that lens. Comments and articles and posts can still sting, but it's a different, much less painful sting than that of a year ago. More like a mosquito bite and less like a hornet.

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