Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little Bird - 26w0d

Sweet thing finally showed us his face today. He yawned for us and tried to talk to us even - you could see his little mouth opening and closing like a little baby bird. Heartbeat was 148bpm - got to hear it twice! He weighs 1lb 15oz (ish) and is still measuring 2 weeks ahead. LB is currently head down and sunny side up - must take after me, because that's exactly what position I was born in!

I failed my GTT with a score of 177 (to pass it must be below 140). I get to go back next week and take the 3 hour test. But my doctor said that I didn't fail "that badly" and that combined with my low weight gain (only 9 pounds to date!!!) that it'll just mean I have to eat as few carbs/sugar/white foods as possible. Seeing as I already do that, I'm not sure it'll help much, but he all but took and finger pricks off the table. So, it won't mean just a whole lot for me other than they'll monitor it.


  1. He is beautiful Alison! I failed my one-hour GTT but passed my 3-hour just fine. His heartbeat sounds awesome! I love it when you get to see their face it is such an awe-inspiring moment!

  2. What a great picture ;) Sorry you didn't pass the one hour, but yea for insulin and sticks being off the table. I hope I do ok on mine.