Friday, April 29, 2011


I think I told you all about the dress dilemma I've been having. Well, last weekend, I finally just went online found some dresses I liked and ordered them. Both stores I ordered from have brick-and-mortar counterparts in my town and I can return for no shipping. So I took a gamble.

I ordered 4 dresses. Two each from 0ld N@vy and M0therh00d M@ternity. I have to say that I have *loved* most everything I've bought from MM, but their dresses and swimwear have been beyond disappointing. I've never been an ON shopper, but I was getting desperate.

They all arrived today - how handy! I've tried them on and have decided to keep 3. The 4th I'm returning because it's just too big, but I kinda thought it would be as it is a size larger then I
normally wear at MM and while I am bustier, I'm not that much bustier. But it was clearanced and I thought why not try? It probably would have been going back anyway, because I think M has a thing about their summer dresses HAVING to have the v-neck, mock wrap type neckline. I much prefer a scoop.

MM must have sold out of the 2 dresses I bought, because I can't find them on the website anymore... but the ON ones are still available and here they are:
I really like both of them and the main reason I was having trouble finding good dresses was length! And these 2 are LONG, like an inch past my knee long. And I'm 5'8"! I would hem them up an inch or so, but I figure Little Bird is getting into growth spurt mode and my bump will probably shorten them enough for me in the next month or so.

These are kinda what I expected from ON - thin. But, considering that I'm purchasing them for the long, hot summer months - that's perfect! And I bought them in dark enough colors that they aren't by any means see-through thin. Just a thinner jersey - perfect for flip-flop weather!


  1. It sounds like you made some great purchases!

  2. Very cute dresses! I got something similar with sleeves at walmart in their plus sizes.