Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Warm Blankie

My mother, the mistress of stitches, stitched this blanket especially for Little Bird. My favorite of the 4 animals is the giraffe! I just think he's too sweet! She worked diligently for about 4 months and got it finished this past weekend. Then I brought it home and sewed a fleece backing on it and trimmed it to fit. It protects the stitches as well as provides some real warmth, since the quilt itself is rather thin.

Up next...
She's going to start on LB's Christmas stocking - so excited!! We've had it sitting and waiting for over a year and a half. I love that we all have hand-stitched stockings at Christmas. It's quite the family tradition! My great-grandmother stitched my mom's, my nana stitched my dad's and then mine and mom stitched Hubs and now LB's! It'll be up to me to sew LB's wife one some day (but I think I have just a *few* years before I have to worry about that!).

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