Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Swimwear - never an easy fit!

Finding swimwear can be challenging when not pregnant, but pregnant it has been almost impossible. The tankinis that I find that fit don't support my slightly enlarged bust (I was a light 36C pre-pg, am a heavy 36C now). and when I find one that is supportive, the top is so short my tummy shows. While I'm proud of my bump, it just goes against my own sense of modesty to show it bare.

So, of course, it is my mom to the rescue! She found this brand online that looked cute (Prego). Googling for it, I found this online shop and then found a cute 2-piece for a great price!

Shipping was only $5 and it arrived today (I only ordered it Sunday afternoon). It seems to be well made and of good quality. The bottoms are cut well (for me at least), they are modest but not frumpy and provide good rear-end coverage as well as a flattering leg cut. The top of the suit is definitely long, but while tall, I'm not esp. long-torsoed. It does come with a strap that goes around your neck for a touch extra support. But, when I'm in the pool/laying out, I am a strapless girl all the way because I hate tan lines!

As well as it fits, I'm hoping that I can possibly cut the top off a little and re-serge it for next summer... get maybe a little more wear out of it!


  1. Shopping for a preggo bathing suit is a nightmare! Glad you were able to find something that you like!

  2. Cute! I need to start looking!

  3. Very cute bathing suit! I have thought about getting one, but I don't have a pool to go too!

  4. Seafolly Australian swimwear brands in the world. Look out for Seafolly's incredible summer range this season at Swanky & Swish.

  5. Hey, cute suit!! I clicked through to the site and they have some cute stuff... just wondering if you thought the sizing was pretty much spot-on or what... :)