Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Supplies up for grabs

Hi! I am cleaning up around the house and finally feel confident enough to clean out the meds box. My handy little reliable animal-print lined box is now empty. I had no meds left, but I did have some syr.in.ges and nee.dle.s. So, if you are cycling and would like some extra (so you don't have to go and beg your local Wal.greens pharmacy at 9 one night like I did!), I am offering them to the first taker(s) for free, I'll even pay for shipping because we all know how gosh-darned expensive these IF treatments are!

What I have:
9 - 3ml IM 23G 1.5"
4 - 27G 1.5"
27 - 27G 0.5"

All of these are in their original sterile packaging and have not been opened.

Email me at gigglygirlatheart @ gmail (dot) com if you are interested! Just didn't want to pitch them before asking!

1 comment:

  1. This is a cool thing to do. I have my follistim pen and a bunch of needles still. I keep them in the hopes that nothing will go wrong.