Wednesday, February 16, 2011

16 on the 16th

Whew, why does it seem that everyone else's pregnancy is flying by and mine is creeping by?!? I guess that's how everyone feels!

It does seem like I've been pregnant forever now. I'm not complaining as much as stating what seems like fact to me. I will say that 16 weeks is treating me well. This week, my energy has really picked up and I've got lots of motivation to get things done! Plus, I'm feeling super-better.

We went to Chicago over the weekend and I was able to take a little of my warm weather with me, so I didn't have to bundle up too much. I got some great things for the baby and will post about it as soon as I get some pictures taken. Maybe tomorrow or Friday.

Only 14 more days until we know whether Little Bird is a boy or girl. So excited!! But this "every 4 weeks" for appointment thing is for  the birds. I think they condition us IFers to going to the doctor constantly, then we finally do get pregnant and say, ummm, now come only every 4 weeks. It's like an eternity! I had to go by my RE's office (I'll touch on that in a sec) which is next door to my OB, and I was *really* tempted to go in and ask if we could just listen to the heartbeat real quick. But I figured they'd laugh me right out of the office, so I chose not to even try.

So, why was I visiting the RE on this my 16th week? Well, I've been working on our taxes and decided to throw our IUI/IVF numbers into Tur.b0 T@x just to see what happened. Low and behold, we get money back! So, I needed proof. And I never thought we'd have enough to qualify, so I didn't worry too much about keeping up with it all. I had all my receipts from my RXs, just needed the actual doctor bills, so I called the office and asked for a printout. They called back about 30 minutes later and told me I could come pick it up - score! We get about $2000 dollars back, which is only about 1/7 of what we paid, but it's a whole lot better than nothing! The Hubs comes back from a business trip this afternoon, and I want him to go back and look over everything in case I missed something, then we'll e-file!

So excited about all the BFPs I've seen lately!! Especially happy for Michelle - yay for FET#1 working!!!

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  1. Thank you lovely! I am so excited to hear if your baby is a boy or girl!