Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Bird - 14w0d

I had my monthly check-up this morning and all went well. LB's heartbeat sounded wonderful and strong!

Scheduled my anatomy scan appointment for March 2 (18 weeks), so my *master plan* worked. (Scheduling 3 weeks out last time so that my regular 4 more weeks out fell on March 2)

Morning sickness reared it's ugly head again, but it doesn't come every day and it's much more mild than it was. Very tolerable, doesn't put me to bed. What does put me to be are the migraines. Monday I woke up with one and it took THREE doses of my Rx to get rid of it. Nothing helped and it caused nausea, so I was bed-ridden most of  the day. Fortunately, Tuesday and Wednesday have both been really good days.

I'm showing more and more. Still not a proper bump, but it's definitely looking lass "fat" and more "baby." I promise to post a pic as soon as it's really a bump.

Whoa! Only 6 weeks until LB is half-baked!


  1. Yea for a great heartbeat. So glad everything is going well. I have my anatomy scan around the same time. I hope the m/s stays away.

  2. SOOOO glad you had such a great report! I can't believe only 6 more weeks until LB is half baked! Are you still planning a Noah's Ark theme for the nursery? Hope you start feeling better soon!

  3. I can't believe how close we are, just one week apart, I can't wait to hear all about your anatomy scan, it makes me fell good when you have positive posts. So happy for the strong heartbeat and I have to tell you, I look more chunky then pregnant thats for sure...can't wait to see a bump!

  4. Yay!! So glad everything is going well! I can't wait to find out if LB is a boy or a girl-- only 4 weeks!! So excited for you!

  5. Sorry to hear the morning sickness is still hanging around. I hope it's gone for good very soon. Happy 14 weeks!