Monday, February 21, 2011


I could tell you that I'm an emotional rollercoaster. (some days are better than others!)
I could tell you how last week I had myself convinced my baby was not all right. (I'm ok now)
I could tell you about how 4 weeks is just far too long between appointments. (It really is!)

But that would all be boring and melodramatic and over-the-top craziness.

So instead I'll tell you that you can now insert a picture into your Gm@il signature. And if you use multiple addresses all from one account (like me!) then you can have a different signature for each account. Funness!

Also, in preparation for most likely knowing whether we will be having a boy or girl next week, I've begun compiling a "baby registry checklist" so that maybe the process won't be completely overwhelming.


  1. I agree that 4weeks in between appointments is too long. Congrats on being pregnant.

  2. Baby registry! what fun.

    hehe - I was thinking last night about working on one for me too :) you know, because I am so optimistic about our upcoming ivf :) I actually do have a bookmark folder where I am collecting lots of goodies, like super awesome diaper bags and nursery decorations ideas.

    So very exciting that you are almost halfway there!!!

  3. You are all hopped up on hormones right now, so every thing you are feeling is completely normal. Hope the baby registry helps with the stress!

  4. 4 weeks in between appointments is hard, but I bet your little one is just fine. Yea for finding out so soon! I started a very basic registry with the things that I knew about (very little) from lists off of babys r us and similar places.