Friday, December 3, 2010


Not much going on here. I finally got the tree decorated and Hubs got the lights all finished last night. He takes such care in the task and does a wonderful job lighting each tree and bush so carefully! I'm feeling good and the sleep situation is starting to get better. I'm still dead by 10, but am sleeping a little later each morning. Of course, the nightly trips to the bathroom are still going strong.

We have yet to tell Hub's parents that we're pregnant yet. I'm kinda keeping quiet on that front b/c I'd still like to wait a bit longer. If I had my way, we'd tell them Christmas Day, but I don't think Hubs will wait that long. My second choice would be after my first u/s. But again, I think it'll be this weekend or next at the most. I've insisted we do it in person, and we don't see them that often even though we live 20 minutes from them. But that's a whole 'nother blog entirely!

Happy Friday, bloggies!


  1. I'm so late on this, as I've been out of blogging for a couple week... but SUPER DUPER CONGRATS!!!

    So excited for you!! :D

  2. I am hoping if our FET works to get an early ultrasound and tell people at christmas.... and by people I mean close family only because I, like you, want to wait awhile before many people know.

  3. Hubby wants to tell his parents soon too. Part of me is like let's tell them now and part of me is nervous and wants to wait until we have a heartbeat. I found out at my appointment that I am exactly as far a long as you!

  4. how fun! good luck with telling your ILs. we're going to tell my ILs this weekend after our u/s on friday. we're saving everyone else until later.

    i can't believe my u/s is so early compared to yours! how are you hanging in there? it's so nice to have someone so close to the same timing as me. feel free to email if you ever want to chat that way. i think you have my email but if not it's thebabybaker at gmail dot com.