Monday, December 6, 2010

Hello, hello again...

I feel like I should write, but I don't really have much to write about. I'm feeling good, still no food aversions or any kind of sickness. The bloating has decreased, the gas-iness increased. The PIO is still konking me out 30-45 minutes after injected.

We told the ILs over the weekend. Their reaction was kinda bland. Just a very neutral "congratulations." My MIL was pretty interested in the IVF part of it and how that all works, but as I was explaining it, I never got a lightbulb moment of where she really got what I was talking about. Hub's parents are quite a bit older than mine (his mom is over 10 years older than my mom) and they are real tech-savvy to begin with. She definitely wasn't opposed to the IVF as I was talking to her about it, I just don't think she really got it either.

She had earlier in the year commented that, "Getting pregnant has never been a problem in our family." (Big fam) All I could do was just sit there and think, well maybe not until now! So I don't think she understood the infertility at all. She just kinda looked at me very blankly.

But I know that at 5w some odd days, it's hard for it to seem very real to them yet. I think my MIL will get excited, but FIL, he's pretty clueless about everything, so I don't have any expectations for him.


  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who told some family so early. We didn't get into the specifics with our family, just that it took some time and extra effort.

  2. Congrats Alison! Thanks for sharing how to digitally scrapbook. I'd love to do that.

    That was an interesting comment your MIL made. Seems like you took it in stride, though.

  3. Hey Alison, I've been reading your blog for a while. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability. The hubs and I are about to jump into fertility treatments...not too excited, yet somewhat excited/hopeful. Anyways, did you refrain from telling your family that you were struggling with infertility? I know some couples are more private about it than others, so I was just wondering how you guys did it.