Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Needling me to death

I had to reorder my PIO last Tuesday and because of the holiday, it didn't get here until Monday. Thank goodness I was on the ball and this wasn't an issue of running out, except that Monday was the day I *needed* more to come in!

Anyway, instead of sending me 27G 1-1/2" needles, they sent me 27G 1/2". Ummm, that's not gonna work. So I went to the pharmacy last night and they generously gave me 2 to get through last night and tonight. Me thinking that my meds get overnighted, they can send the needles overnight, too.

Wrong. The best the specialty pharmacy will do is pri.ority mail them. So I *should* get more Saturday, but it could be Monday.

So I called the RE's office and they said I could get a few from them. Then they tried to give me 27G 1/2" too! Ummm, no. Finally, after my nurse came out to talk to me, she says, "well you know you can use the 23G that come on the syringe" (previously only used to draw the PIO into the syringe). "Just don't use the same needle to draw the medicine as the one that you use to inject the meds. But definitely ice because it's a much bigger needle."

I already ice, so now I'll just ice a minute or so longer and for (at most) 4 days, deal with it. I have PLENTY of the 23G, so there is no problem using them.

But I do have have an over-abundance of 27G 1/2" needles.

It was kinda fun to go in to see them, it's been almost a week since I was there last! And it was nice to say, "I'm 5 weeks today! I'll be back in 2 weeks for an u/s."


  1. Ali - I work with people (diabetics) who do this everyday. Just re-use the injection needles you have for a few days. It will be fine.

  2. Yikes! At least all these injections take on a whole new meaning now that you're pregnant. Heck, we'd stab ourselves with straw-thick needles every night if it meant having a healthy baby. :) The progesterone needle does scare me, though...A LOT!

  3. I'm just starting my pio shots so I'm brand new to the needle sizes and everything. I hope you get the right ones soon.

  4. Im jealous that you get to use 27 gauge needles! Mine come with a HUGE 19 gauge on them to draw up and a 22 to give the shot. I feel screwed on this deal! lol!

  5. You are one week ahead of me!! YAY!