Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So the nurse just called and they are upping the stims. I only had 3 follies that were in the teens and they want more, so hopefully a little uptick in the meds does the job. I know for a fact (because I asked this morning) that there are plenty there - they just need to grow! And fast, because my next monitoring appt is at 7:45 Friday morning.


I'm also supposed to start the Ganirelix tomorrow morning so that I for sure don't ovulate.

I guess this is when it starts getting hairy, huh?

Quick Facts:
Wednesday (11/3): 150iu Follistim pm
Thursday (11/4): 1 Menopur (75iu), 1 Ganirelix am and 150iu Follistim pm
Friday (11/5): 1 Menopur (75iu), 1 Ganirelix am; u/s & b/w @ 7:45am


  1. grow follies, grow!!! so interesting how different our protocols are. good luck, a! i'm following along closely!

  2. I hope that the little tweek in the meds helps more follies grow!

  3. Grow little follies, grow! Hoping this tweak with the meds will do the trick and get you some nice healthy follies!