Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Next time they will draw from the right arm

Eight am came quickly this morning and I was sitting in my RE's office waiting for blood draw and u/s.

The tech drew blood from my left arm, again! And I told her that if I'm back again this week, we're going to start working on the other arm. My left arm is just over it.

Then came the u/s. My lining is an 8 (yay!!!) and the tech* was very happy with that. Then she measured follies, I counted about 15, with the largest 2 being at 17 and 13, the others were all at about 8-9. Again, she seemed to imply that everything was right on track. My clinic doesn't necessarily give me exact numbers, it's why I have to pay attention. But I'm kinda glad they don't, as long as they tell me "yes, we're on the right track" I'm happy. I think if I knew too many numbers I'd worry more and since we're into "less stress" mode, I'm good knowing for now everything looks good. Not like I can control any of it anyway!

I'll get a call sometime this afternoon and update then.

Also, I'm sitting in the sub-waiting room, look up from my magazine and see someone I know! It's my college BFF's other bridesmaid (we were in the wedding together). I guess it made sense as they live in a small town about an hour from me, and our RE is the only one in a 4-hour radius from her. And I've known for quite some time that she had been TTC and not able. After my u/s I was able to stop and chat for just a sec and found out that they are on IUI#3 and she figures they are headed to IVF too. We said our good byes and good lucks. And really, I hope that IUI#3 works for her, she and her hubs have been trying for almost 6 years. 6!

*this morning's "tech" was really the director of nursing for the group, she did 2 of my IUI's.

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  1. Isn't it crazy to see all those little follicles on the screen! I actually felt a sense of love for each one of them, and thought, WOW - those little follicles could become little babies!

    I am so excited that this is going to be your month. That this could be it.
    You are in my heart alison!
    xoxo - Foxy