Friday, October 1, 2010


It's official - I am now the proud owner of my own full version of Ad0be Cre@tive Su!te 5 (standard)!!! It's installed - no more trial versions here!!

AND I got a paycheck in the mail!! It's the only real downside of freelance work, your clients can be kinda wonky about how quickly they pay you, there is no standard even if they tell there is. Sometimes the money comes quick and sometimes you gotta be a squeaky little wheel!

We've got our money - the cold hard cash - to pay for the IVF cycle. Safely sitting in our bank accounts. We're ready to go. Now, if AF will just show (though today is the first placebo pill day, so I'm not expecting her until Sunday-ish) so that we can get the BCP-cycle-for-prep cycle on the way.

I did finally remember to make that PAP appt I needed too... only 8 months overdue, making it almost 20 months since my last one. Oh well, I haven't seen a spec.ulum in while. It's Monday the 11th @ 11. Should be easy enough to remember, just hoping AF has moved out by then so I don't have to call and reschedule (again).



  1. Wow! Good for you!!! My husband and I only have enough saved up for the drugs (if that!) let alone the entire IVF. We'll be financing that. Yippee...NOT!!! You sound so excited and I'm very excited for you! Looking forward to reading about your IVF experience. :) Good luck with everything!

  2. Yea for getting paid and saving up for IVF!

  3. Awesome! i'm thrilled to get CS5 solely for content fill on PS!!!
    And congrats on getting the $ for IVF. That's a huge stress relief! Good luck!

  4. That is awesome! Much Luck to you with this cycle coming up!

    I tagged you in a recent post on my blog, but don't feel obligated, it's just a bit of fun :)