Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I'm so stinkin' excited! I've lost 3 pounds in two weeks!! And I won the game this week - woo hoo!!!!

One of the girls playing never enters her week's scores until the last minute. She forgot this week claiming that she thought she had until noon (it's on the score card itself that it's 10am CST). BUT, before declaring myself winner, I entered in a "perfect" week of scores, minus the stuff she had told me she did wrong and I would have beaten her anyway by several points. She swears she's quitting, but I don't think she's really playing anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

My third friend and I are having fun trying to beat each other and it's just enough incentive that I'm sticking with it.

We have 2 weeks left. I told them already that while I am going to try and stick to the eating/exercising plan after that, that I can't officially compete b/c of the getting ready for and the actual IVF process. I just think it'll be too much to try and worry about obeying the rules of the game while going through IVF. And, hello, from what I've heard, I'm going to gain weight (if at *least* bloating) during the process, so why would I want to set myself up for failure? Ummmm, no thank you.

Oh, and about my last post on TV - so glad some of you are big Grey's fans!!! All of my IRL friends have stopped watching and I love it and now I can discuss it with you guys!!!

As to the new header, I was never really happy with the last one, but I had promised myself I would stop changing the design so often - but after 3 months, I just didn't like even looking at my own page anymore. So I combo'd a little and went back to my beginner blog days and brought back the pearls. I think I'm happy with it, so it should stay until the new year+.


  1. Yay!!! As soon as I stop all the fertility meds, I am going gym hard core again!

  2. I love the new heading. I think it looks more like you than the last one. And why not change? After all, you are the gal who moves her furniture every few weeks! It's not safe to walk through your house without all the lights on.
    BTW, congrats on losing the 3 pounds....I can see the difference!

  3. Yay on the weight loss! 3 lbs in 2 weeks is a good and healthy rate, but I do see why you wouldn't want to compete anymore in the near future...
    I also like the new look of your page!

  4. Awesome job!!!! And I love the new page.