Saturday, October 2, 2010

Question & Answer

Holly tagged me to do this questionnaire. Since nothing is going on and my daily musings are getting old, I hope this will be of some interest to you, dear readers!

1. Would you eat a bug? -- NO!
2. What is your favorite board game?  -- Chutes & Ladders, don't know why, but it's always been my favorite
3. Do you have faith in humanity? -- no, I have faith in God.
4. Pick a new name for yourself! What is it? -- hmmmm... I'm such an Alison, but if I *had* to pick it'd be Kate (not Katie or Kathryn, though)
5. What profession do you wish you had? -- I love the one I've got: work-from-home-freelance artist
6. If you were attracted to the same sex, which one famous person would you pursue? -- ummm, not even going there
7. If you could be a different nationality, which would you choose? -- British! I love the accent, the manners, the place, but not the food!
8. Your spouse turns into a random animal!! What animal could you live with? -- a dog. I already have one and the hubs is ever-so-loyal as it is!

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