Monday, October 4, 2010


Ok, bloggies, I need some advice! My last active BCP was last Thursday. Still no AF today, not even any PMS... what do I do? I had told myself that I would wait until tomorrow, then call my nurse and ask what to do... what do you think? Call, don't call, wait til later in the week?

When I was on BC before, AF came 2-3 days after I removed the ring. How is it that when I was praying for AF not to come she always came right on schedule, but now that I want/need her to come, she's being so elusive? Grrr!

Also, I've been thinking about acupu.ncture. I've got a strong recommendation from a friend for a great one in my town. But I don't know if it would really do any good. I've gone to their website and from what it claims, it could help me with all the headaches I've been having, help me lose weight and relax me for the IVF. Seems a little too good to be true. Have any of you actually tried it? Did you feel that it worked? One of you bloggies I read (baby baker??) wrote about going but then in the end stopped because the appointments themselves stressed her out. My insurance covers none of it, and on the website it says that a session is $60. Does this sound reasonable?

Thanks so much for your thoughts!!


  1. I think acupuncture is totally worth it. I noticed that all my side effects from the hormones went away once I started. The actual sessions put me right to sleep and didn't stress me at all. I think you should give it a try. It can't hurt!

  2. Sorry, I'm no help with the BCP question.

    I enjoy acupuncture. I can't say if it's helping yet since I've only done 3 sessions. I do think it's relaxing though. I pay $45/session.

  3. it usually took me about 4 days to get to the withdrawal bleeding part of BCPs and it probably varies some with which type you're taking. I think that giving it until tomorrow can't hurt.

  4. that's how she always works. AF is a you-know-what. if you haven't already, i'd call.

    as you know, i did acupuncture for most of my past cycles. i didn't do it my last cycle but i'm doing it again for IVF#2. i stopped because everything about cycling became such a burden. it became too much of a process, too much of a reminder. there's conflicting research but i figure if it helps me relax, then it can't hurt. (i also bought the circle+bloom meditation series for IVF. again, it can't hurt.) plus my new acupuncturist is in the same bldg as my clinic so it makes it even easier. i say give it a try! if you don't like it, you don't have to continue.

    good luck, alison!

  5. I have never used that kind of birth control before, but I normally get my period six days after my last birth control. If your nervous about it call your dr's office. Nothing wrong with that.

  6. It took like 4-5 days for me to get my withdrawl bleed the cycle we did IVF. Before on BCP, it was like 2 days. Who knows why. I think as long as you start them again on time you should be fine.

  7. I find acupuncture very relaxing. Has it changed anything? I'm not sure. But I am sticking with it. But it does get very expensive. I'm about to post something about our expenses so far, but we've spent over $2500 on acupuncture and herbs.

  8. I wouldn't worry too much about AF's arrival. I think it took me something like 6 days to have actual AF-like flow when I stopped my BCP for this IVF cycle. When I took BCP in the past, it was usually 3-4 days after the last active pill.

    As far as acupuncture, I find it very relaxing. It definitely gets expensive (mine is $65/treatment--1 tx/week normally, 2 tx/week in the month leading up to transfer) but I think that anything that helps me relax through this process is helpful. I will be going twice on Wednesday (before and after transfer) as recommended by both my IVF clinic and the acupuncturist. My RE office even gave me referrals as they really recommend it during IVF cycles.

  9. A little late, but none-the-less, here is the link to my post about acu -
    I didn't like it - it totally stressed me out. I would so much rather spend my money on massage - (which btw just had an awesome study showing how it reduces stress hormones). Thinking about you! xoxo - Foxy