Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I got mail!

Do you know how long it's been since I received real mail? Not bills, not ads, not junk, not even something I had ordered or subscribed to. And thank you notes don't count. I'm talking genuine, unsolicited mail.

It made me happy. And it was such a special little surprise.

I received a postcard.

From Hawaii.

From a dear friend that I met on this lovely TTC journey. She and her family are on the trip of a lifetime, but she took a moment to send me a little note! I hope someday we get to meet in real life, because I just must meet someone so sweet and thoughtful. And I'd love to meet her little girl - I've known her since 8 dpo (I think I knew she was expected before her Daddy did!).

I never dreamed I'd make friends, like real friends, on this journey. But I have and for that I am oh so grateful!


  1. That was so so sweet of her!

  2. And just like that, you made my day too! ;) Amazing what a stamp and a postcard will buy you!