Friday, September 17, 2010

Pep Talk

I was on the elliptical this morning and at about minute 27 (of 35) and was starting to get tired. My muscles were hurting and my heart-rate was elevated and my breathing a little too shallow. But I only had 3 minutes left at full-speed (5-min cool down). So I started giving my self a little pep talk:

Come on, Miller*, you can do this. It's a measly 3 more minutes, you've got to finish strong.

I said this about 4 times, until I finally entered cool down and was able to slow it all down. And during my cool down it hit me that sometimes IF feels likes the never-ending treadmill - you just keep going and going and going. Sometimes I think we all need a little pep talk to help get us through the rougher times.

So, here's one for you today:

You can do it! It's hard, but there will be an end! You'll be better off if you keep pushing! YOU CAN DO IT!

*Miller is not my last name. It it the most common M surname in the country, and I know this thanks to Trivial Pursuit, the 90's edition. My last name doesn't even begin with an M, this factoid just kinda stuck with me after playing TP last time.


  1. Thanks for the pep talk and awesome job on the exercise and sticking with it!

  2. Thanks for the pep talk. My OB also gave me one this morning, so after two in one day I am feeling pretty dang good!