Monday, September 27, 2010

F@ll Line.up

It's official that summer is over when all the new show start premiering. It's my opinion that Grey's had such a strong finale last season that any premier at all was going to fall short, and it did, but I can't blame them. I just hope they can get a little better.

Did anyone catch My I graduated 10 years ago, so I thought I should at least give this one a shot. And you know what one of the storylines (although minor) is? Azoo! I could not believe it, a female infert story I could definitely have seen coming, but never thought that male factor would be touched. They handled it well in the pilot, it could all go downhill really fast, or it could disappear, but it was brought up - and I was glad to see it.

And then Sunday, TLC's Sis.ter Wi.ves. Again, another infert. The 1st wife only has one child after 16 years of marriage and she talked just a bit about how that was very, very hard for her (sounded to me like it still is, esp with #3 sitting there about to pop!). While I find poly.gamy wrong on so many different levels, it was really fascinating. #4 is about to be added into the mix and I think it's going to be interesting.


On to the TTC news. Oh wait, that's right, there is none. I'm on my last week of active BCP, which means AF should be visiting sometime next week. The BCP-for-IVF cycle starts then. I'm nervous and excited and a little more nervous! It's hard to believe we're about to take this step. I am very confident it's where God's leading our path, but I know the road is still full of twists and turns!


  1. I know, I saw that show as well. I will continue to tune in to see how that story develops.

  2. Oh How I do love TV. We caught the season Premier of Greys and for some reason I just don't remember the last season at all. I mean I watched it and all, but apparently my infertility brain didn't store any of it for reference this year. I'll have to rewatch last season so that this season makes sense.

    Have not heard of My generation, but will definitely try to find it, especially since azoos is in the story line - That is actually really awesome!

    I recorded sister wives and can't wait to watch it. I LOVE Big Love, and am curious to see how it works in real life. I think it is really brave of them to come out on national TV with their story.

    Have you been watching Jersey Shore - I know it is the trashiest of trashy tv, but I love it. ML and I sat on the couch laughing so hard last night watching that show. We really needed a good laugh and cuddle.

    Thinking about you - ohhh and Realy like the new design. The pearls are just awesome !!!!

  3. First, chicky, your blog designs just keep getting more and more awesome!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!

    And I love me some Grey's

    My Generation: So awesome, just for that IF storyline alone. I cried. I felt so bad for the guy.

    I made the mistake of watching DwtS for the first time, even James Bond is hooked!

    But my fave of the season is Weeds. I don't care for the fact that it is now only 30min long.

  4. I happened upon Sister Wives this weekend and totally got hooked as I sat bawling my eyes out for the first wife. It must be a unique sort of pain to have to deal with infertility when surrounded by sister-wives who are uberfertile. I'm guessing she dealt with primary IF first (since she's been married 20 years and has a 14 year old and I can't imagine they were "waiting") and has been dealing with secondary ever since. I seriously wanted to reach out and hug her.

  5. I'm loving all the fall shows! Greys, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, House, etc!!

    I saw Sisterwives too. I also felt it must be very difficult to watch the other wives pop out like 12 kids and you can't get pregnant. The husband just makes me cringe. CREEPY!

  6. Brothers and Sisters also had an azoo storyline back in the first season.

    I have to catch Sister Wives. I'm a huge Big Love fan and it would be interesting to see the real thing. That must be hard for that first wife, though.