Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Head May Explode

So let's pretend for a second that fertility was not my problem, but that I got pg and didn't want the baby. (Take a lot of imagination, huh?)

Would it surprise many of you that my insurance would pay for SIX different types of ab0rti0n procedures?

In the joke of a "family planning" section of my insurance's benefits website I learned that they barely cover birth c0ntr0l or zero infertility treatments or diagnostics. But, hoo boy, if I want to kill my unb0rn child, I've got lots of options!




  1. There is NO making sense of insurance coverage. Did you know that in California and many other states individual insurance plans are not required to include benefits for maternity. A few years back I found out that while mine technically did include coverage for maternity, it didn't have a single OBGYN on the plan... What I would give to have that be the worst of my worries again!

  2. Grrrrrr - ridiculous!

  3. That is so ridiculous and unfair. I can't believe it.

  4. Ugh I HATE that. Sure they'll cover an abortion if it means one less person that they will have to cover in the future. >:( So unfair. And it really sucks when insurance won't even cover diagnostics when that's so important to know your complete health.

  5. Some insurance companies are OUT OF CONTROL!