Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm a mess

This has not been my best week. Absolutely don't put anything into my hands that you want found, well, ever. I have lost my wedding album, my bluetooth, some medicine of the hubs (OTC) & a check from a client.

Of all of that the only I was *finally* able to find was the check. My wedding album must be packed away in a box I just haven't looked in yet, because that thing is kinda BIG and not something you can really "lose." And we have decided that my bluetooth was most likely stolen.

But I still fell crazy with a capital C!

The hubs has been sweet about it all week. I've lost total patience with myself, though. It is very unlike me to be this much of a space cadet. I'm a little spacey occasionally, but not this bad on such a consistent basis!

My emotions are all over the place, I've been having some major swings this week. Which must mean my hormones are doing *something* in this body o' mine, just who knows when it might produce AF. Officially, I'm on CD52 and this is now my longest cycle - ever! And we *know* I ovulated and when. And we know I'm not pg. So what the heckers is going on?!? I am proving yet again to be such a medical anomaly.

If we were wrong and the bleeding I saw on Memorial Day weekend was AF, I should be seeing AF again early next week (and given that it's Friday, that's not so far off!). If I haven't seen AF by the end of next week, I'm calling my RE and asking if there is any kind of testing she can do to find out what is going on. B/W or U/S... anything, this is getting old.



  1. Yuck! Sorry you're feeling crazy. :( I don't know if there's any kind of testing they can do but they could give your Prover.a to bring on AF.

  2. Maybe they can see how thick the lining is? This is too much, you feel much better when this cycle has officially ended. You should call the doc and get this cycle done.
    Hoping the weekend is better for you.

  3. I recently found your blog...I am looking forward to following your journey.

  4. Aww Alison, I hate that feeling of being so out of control. I like to think that I am generally a logical and responsible person, but there are those times that my memory just fails me. People talk all the time about pregnancy brain, and give pregnant women a break for being so spacey and forgetful. I think that you deserve a break for your infertility brain! This cycle has got to be taking up a lot of space, its no wonder that these other things have been pushed aside.
    Hang in there.