Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That First Date

Four years ago today, the hubs and I went on our first date.

We were sitting and talking and in the course of talking, the hubs says, "Do you think you could come up with 9 bridesmaids, because I've been in 9 weddings now and there's going to be some payback."

My heart lept into my throat and I could barely answer. That comment/question scared me out of my mind. That a guy would actually say something like that. To me. On the first date. (We ended up having 5 attendants each.)

He kissed me on that first date. And 2 dates later, I knew he was really going to be the man that I married. He'll claim that he knew the night of our very first date that I would be his bride.



  1. What a sweet story! Happy anniversary to you both. Enjoy celebrating!

  2. cute! Happy Anniversary! Hope your doing something fun!

  3. Happy anniversary! That's a very cute story.