Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last week I was feeling very yellow - because I was being such a coward about taking a HPT. Turns out I was right to be nervous, but c'est la vie!

Today, though, I'm orange. Literally. I have orange paint on my hands, because I love my husband. I am totally claiming the "Best Wife Ever" award today. My mom and I completely repainted my husband's "man cave." See, I win the award on 2 fronts: 1) I let him have a whole room to himself and 2) I painted part of it orange.

Orange is his team's favorite color. I was itching for a change. It all worked out. Mom and I whipped through it in about 4 hours. I had done the prep work this weekend and it really paid off.

AF is still in town, day 4 today. She should be gone by the weekend. I've had terrible cramps all week though, which is completely unusual for me. Our follow-up is next week and the hubs and I have been having all sorts of in-depth conversations about how far we're willing to go, how we'll finance IVF, if we should start pursuing adoption. We're really waiting to see what my RE says, but if the only option left is IVF, we are looking at doing it in the early fall (Sept/Oct). I'm not sure I'm up to doing any more IUIs. The success rate is so low (15% per cycle), and the hope level is so high (100% per cycle)!



  1. Your last sentence perfectly sums up how I feel. I just don't know if I can handle doing more and more IUIs knowing that the chances of success are so low but I get my hopes up so high.

  2. I am doing my first IUI this weekend and am already discouraged about the success rates. Makes you think, why even bother. Ugh.

  3. I completely agree with you about the IUI's. I'm only 3 dpiui, but I'm already discouraged and convinced it didn't work. Of course, there's always that glimmer of hope that makes the crash just so darn hard!