Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Since I don't have anything to report

I decided that since I am so not pregnant, and can no longer obsess about IPS or the 2ww, I would tell you the story of how the hubs and I first met. It was about as close to whirlwind as I have ever seen in real life.

Once Upon a Time...
The hubs and I met one beautiful Friday afternoon several years ago. My BFF worked for a local sports team and had invited the girls to a game. One of the girls asked if she could bring her BFF, who happened to be a guy. We’re a “more the merrier” type group, so sure! Not wanting to be the only guy though, he asked to bring a friend of his. Sure!

Friday night arrives. I get off work late and head to BFF’s house. I collapse on the couch and start whining about being tired and how I might just head home and skip the game. Meanwhile, the hubs & friend are at his house and they are debating back and forth about coming, but finally decide it’s free tickets to a sporting event, why not?

The hubs walks in BFF’s house first and I am in the front room. Too late to leave now. The hubs and I hit it off and his friend is also gregarious. We all have a good night. At a restaurant after the game, the hubs smoothly asks for my phone and proceeds to enter his number. And then calls himself from my phone to get my number.

He takes my hand as we walk across the street headed back to the parking garage we’re all parked in. Then, when everyone in the group turns around and notices, we drop hands as if we were 13. As soon as they turn around, he takes my hand again.

The following Wednesday, he calls and asks me out for that weekend. Almost gets hit by a bus while doing so – oops! Good thing it stopped in time. We were engaged four months later and married 1 year after we met.


*The pic above was taken about 3 weeks after we first met. Also once upon a time, I was skinny!


  1. I love whirlwind romance stories!!! My husband and I got engaged 3 months after our first date! We didn't get married until 15 months later but that was merely due to timing and everything!

  2. That's so sweet! I bet the wait from friday till wednesday was nerve-wrecking for you!

    hmmm... maybe I'll post hubs and I's story! ;)

  3. What a cute story. I love "how we met" stories. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Awwww so very very sweet! I love your story so thanks for sharing!

  5. Very sweet story!! I just posted a blog of our story if you are interested :)


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