Saturday, March 6, 2010

Officially in the 1ww

Ok, I made it.

I'm 9dpiui.

My *plan* is to test on Friday. It kinda scares me to death to think about it. But my progesterone runs out next Sunday, and if I am pregnant, then I'd like to continue said progesterone at least until the 5th week. If not longer, maybe 10 or 12. Even the paperwork that came with my progesterone said that this was "ideal."

I'm feeling good. Have gotten caught back up on a lot of the work that went to the wayside while I was disabled. Still working today. The hubs is watching basketball games, so I might as well get more done while he is occupied.

I am excited because he installed a peg board in my sewing/laundry room. I've worked for the last little bit getting all the hooks and things up and my tools organized. It's sad that this is exciting for me, but I think it will make my sewing much more efficient.

As you can probably tel, I'm trying to keep myself preoccupied.


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