Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snap, Crackle, Pop

I've been a bit absent this week. It's because I've been in pain. I told you last week about my neck and shoulder pain. The massage helped for about 3 days. Then the pain came back with a vengeance. And I've spent most of the last 3 days laying on a heating pad. Yesterday I broke down and called a couple of friends who are chiropractors. They were able to squeeze me in and I spent about an hour being poked and prodded - but I'm used to that! Then another 30 minutes of them "adjusting" the upper half of my body and I was outta there.

I feel better, not 100% yet, but I go back tomorrow and I'm hoping I am out of pain by Saturday.

I did disclose to my practitioner that I *could* be pregnant, so no X-rays or elctro-stim was done. And fortunately she specializes in maternity, so I felt comfortable letting her work on me.

Now, let's talk progester0ne. Today is day 4. So far, so good. No apparent side effects. Here's exactly what I'm taking:

I insert it, squeeze the bulb and then lay flat for 20 minutes. I guess I figure that most of it should be absorbed in 20 minutes. I wasn't instructed to do this, but I wasn't really given any instruction, so I'm winging it the best I can. I will say that I've had very little "loss" of it though, while I have had some normal moisture, I don't feel like it's pouring out of me, and I don't even need the panty liner.

MAJOR TMI ALERT::: The paperwork that came with the applicators, did say that after a few days I could see some clumpy white pieces in my CM and that this was completely normal. I did only after the second day and I was in shower cleaning and felt them. I haven't seen any more.

On a related note, I have temped 3 mornings now. Tuesday = 98.62, Wednesday = 98.98, Thursday = 98.61. I think there might have been something wrong with my BBT on Wednesday because it shot up to 98.98 in under a minute. Way too fast to be accurate. It's really rather obsolete at this point anyway, the progesterone could be giving me false highs, it is known to do that.



  1. Hey Alison - I used Crinone gel until 14 weeks w/Eliza. I liked it, too. Just wanted to warn you that, um, there can be quite a bit of 'build up' after a week or so. And yeah, the clumpiness is normal, too. Also, don't be alarmed if the clumps are tinged with brown/dark red - that is normal, too. Okay, I'll stop with the assvice now :) Thinking of you, hoping this cycle is IT for you!!!

  2. I used something similar, more like a tablet, that was solid. TMI warning- I never noticed 'chunks' but one time my husband looked down after we we were 'done' and freaked out, he was like, "What is that?!?" and sure enough... a few small 'chunks'... so just be warned!

  3. I used Crinone with my IVF. Nothing special that I can remember, other than I used a panty liner That's about it. Hope this is the cycle for you!