Thursday, February 4, 2010

You like me, you really like me!

Thanks, Carrie, it was very sweet of you to nominate me! You are such a Beautiful Blogger yourself that I feel honored you thought of me.

1. I am an only child. I'm not a brat, but I have been told many, many times that there is a big neon, glittery sign over my head that shouts "only child"

2. I was born bossy. I prefer the term, "mother hen," though. I just want to take care of everyone and everything around me.

3. I, too, LOVE to travel. I have done tons of traveling just in the last 3 years. My husband travels for business frequently and we use miles and points rewards to their biggest advantage!

4. When I worked full time in marketing, I told people that I was the company cheerleader when I was asked what I did. Marketing is so vague and boring.

5. I love color. Need to know which color combos are in style or just gorgeous together? I'm your girl.

6. I treat my dog like a person. Except that I would never lock a person in a cage overnight.

7. Sewing has become my therapy. The hum of the machine is wonderfully soothing.



  1. Congrats on the award! I love travel too! I once met a guy whose job was to travel around the world and check out hotels and resorts for ideas to implement at his company's hotels. What a job, wish I could do that for a living!

  2. I love #6! My dog thinks he's a person! Knitting is my therapy.