Monday, February 1, 2010

Um, so this is different

I naively assumed that IUI#2 would be pretty much the same as IUI#1.

I was wrong.

I am much, much crampier (<-- like the made-up word?) than last time. I'm not worried at all, because the nurse said last time and reiterated this time, that cramping is very normal.

It's just different - and different it good! Different means that maybe something is happening today that didn't happen last time - maybe it's because there are a lot more swimmers swimming around in my little uterus?



  1. I was pretty crampy for mine too!

    I'm so nervous and excited for you Alison!!!

  2. I like how you think....anything different from a BFN cycle = really good in my book. :) Good luck!

  3. I was crampiest (?) during my BFP cycle, very crampy and bloated for days afterwards. Good luck!

  4. Like I said before, welcome to the 2ww!!! :) If we want opposite of the last cycle, it seems crampier is good!