Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Confession: The Stash

I think if we're all honest, we'd admit that we all have some sort baby stash put away. I resisted the urge for a LONG time viewing it as a jinx of some sort. But, and isn't there always a but, this summer, 1 year into TTC, I broke down and bought something.

Frames. Three animal shaped frames.

To date, my stash includes: fabric to make the nursery decor, 3 frames, 5 pieces of wall art, and 1 stuffed animal that was purchased just yesterday in celebration of IUI#2. But I got a couple coupons in the mail and will be purchasing his friends Tiger and Monkey today.



  1. Cute! I love elephants! I have a little stash but it was given to me by my bro & SIL when they found out DH and I were "TTC." They gave me their bassinet, bottles & breast pump (clean of course!). They were going to give me their old crib but it was recalled so my bro felt the need to buy us a pack-n-play. Of course, I've now told them not to give us any more stuff yet lol!
    I hope you get to put your "stash" to use very soon!!!

  2. Cute! I hope you can happily add to the stash soon!!!

  3. I have been collecting Dr. Seuss figurines since I was in my early 20's. I have always dreamed of having a CRAZY Dr. Seuss room with funny shaped furniture and quotes on the wall. Maybe this room seemed unfit for babies and thats why I can't have them? tehe!
    Those figurines are in storage..

  4. Yes, we all have a little something stashed away. I'm excited for your IUI this cycle. You had some great numbers!

  5. I have a stash of baby items.

    I bought two onesies when we were trying to adopt twin boys. I jokingly said to my friends that if they got pregnant before me I would give them to them as gifts. Well guess what...

    Both friends are pregnant and where are those shirts going. You guessed it in my stash. I could not part with those things now!

  6. I have a stash of baby booties my mom knitted for my sis when she had my nieces and nephew. They are mine now, waiting for Baby to arrive.

  7. Very cute :) Sometimes I think that picking out our boy and girl name (with a 2nd girl possibility) has jinxed us... boo!