Monday, February 1, 2010

Done and done

IUI#2 is complete!

Numbers were GREAT! Motility 49%, count 15.7!!!

It took 2 nurses to get the catheter threaded into my cervix - I have a "crooked" or "tilted" cervix depending on what nurse I'm talking to. Not a problem, except if you're trying to thread a flimsy catheter into it.

I'm officially a member of the 2ww club! But, my nurse did say that I can test in 14 days (not 19 like last time!!!) - that's February 15. Woo hoo!



  1. Everything sounds like it went well. Great news! And yay for not having to wait 19 days this time!

  2. Excellent! And yay for 14 days instead of 19!! Lots of luck and patience coming your way for the 2ww!

  3. Wonderful news! Hoping the 2 week wait goes by quick.

  4. I am SO, SO, SO very excited about your IUI this morning! Your u/s report from yesterday sounds FANTASTIC!!!! I always felt clomid thinned my lining WAY too much. I am glad to see you have a nice, plush spot for your LO to implant! Oh how I cannot wait for the next 14 days to go by!