Friday, January 8, 2010


Because I just didn't have enough upheaval, change and stress in my life at this moment. We found out from my husband's company that we may not be moving where we initially thought. Now, they think they want him in the plant that I can only describe (with little hyperbole) as in the middle of the frozen tundra (dun dun dun). Today's high temp was 1* with wind chill in the negative teens.

I'm a Southern girl. Today in my town it is 17* and I think I might die just thinking about that. And not only is the new job in the frozen tundra
(dun dun dun), it's also in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere! At least in the other city I would have had lots of shopping, dining, museum, and entertainment options.

So, can you tell that I'm living my life in a whole bunch of limbo right now?
Am I pregnant?
Will the house sell?
Where will we be in 3 months?



  1. Yikes! That is a lot to think about. I hope everything goes smoothly! When will they know for sure about his job?

  2. Ugh, I hope things get settled down soon. Being up in the air is the worst feeling.

    I'm a California girl by heart and now find myself happy to be settling down in the south. I had many preconceptions about the south (like you do about the frozen tundra) but most were not true and then I found a bunch of other things to like. So it may not be so bad!

  3. Where is the frozen tundra?? You don't have to say... but I just want to say, people always assume the weather here would be terrible, and it's not, it's fabulous, not that we don't have cold days, but overall, it's fabulous! Good luck with everything Alison, I'm rooting for you!

  4. What type of frozen tundra are we talking about here? Where I live it can be the frozen tundra but it gets much, much better!

    I hope that this uncertainty ends soon for you!

  5. Yikes, that is frustrating, Alison! I hope they change their minds and you get to go to the city you initially thought... but MOST of all, I hope you're pregnant!!! I'm rooting for you, can't wait 'til you POAS (though I promise I won't be a POAS pusher!)!