Sunday, January 10, 2010

It Takes a Village

One thing I've been telling my mother lately is that not only might it take a village to raise a child, for me it's taking one to even conceive a child!

It's amazing to me how invested people are in my life (and my husband's). We have got so many people loving us and praying for us! It's definitely brought a real sense of community to my life that I haven't felt since the months leading up to our wedding.

Most people we're close to, including family, friends and church friends, refer to our future child as "our" child. As though they really have a claim to my child. It doesn't bother me, though! I think of it as that they love me so much and want so much for my husband and I to get pregnant, that they just can't help themselves.

It's gotten so that I'm not even sure who will be happiest when I do finally get pregnant! You'd think that I'd be the obvious choice - but I think a few of my friends will give me a run for my money.



  1. It is so great to know that your future child is not only wanted but also loved by so many before he/she is even conceived! You are most blest!

  2. That's great to have so much support! I'm sure you'll still be the most excited!

  3. It is definitely fantastic to have all of that support! I hope "we" do get some exciting news in a few days :-)