Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reply All?

So last night I posted my f.b status as "pink". It has to do with breast cancer awareness and the color of your bra. But, several of my friends thought that I was just being cryptic about revealing that I was pregnant. Boy, do I wish I were that clever.

So, I messaged the 7 people who had commented to my status who didn't know what was going on the message I'd received about breast cancer and the color of your bra. It's just a fun little thing floating around f.b.

Well, one of the girls hits back, "too bad, I thought you were pg." I responded, "I wish." What neither of us realized was that she had hit "reply all" so the messages were appearing to the other 6 people on the list. We then got into a big discussion on our infertility woes - mine primary, hers secondary. It was after all that that she realized what she'd done. She hit back with a message pointing out her error and apologizing. I told her not to worry and asked everyone else to please keep the info to themselves.

Now, I didn't tell her anything that I wouldn't tell anyone who asked. It's just that a few of those people were really *random* friends that probably don't give 2 hoots. I'm just glad I was as vague as possible and just said we would be doing IUI in coming months. Whew... thank goodness I didn't spill the beans that we'd already done it! I don't need half of my f.b friends wondering when I'm going to announce a pgcy!

My friend then started a new conversation between just us and we continued our discussion there. Lesson learned: pay more attn!! to who email is being sent. It wasn't a big deal to me, but it could have been if I'd been less careful in what I said anyway.



  1. oh I HATE that reply all button!!! one time my friends who were
    BOTH pregnant mistakenly hit the reply all button and I was the
    recipient of a chain of e-mails that talked about how sad it was that
    they were both pregnant and I wasn't.........I was NOT happy!

  2. Ugh, that sucks. I am famous for doing such a thing and need to pay more attention!

  3. Oh no! That sucks. It seems like you handled it well though, which is good. I had a mishap a few years ago with a "reply all" also. Ugh!

  4. OH NO!! That just plain sucks. I guess the positive is that you maybe learned a little more about your friends IF woes. It's always nice to have someone else in "your corner."

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