Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Darling Husband

My sweet husband and I were laying in bed last night and he suddenly goes, "Oh, I meant to show you something." Pulls out his phone and starts flipping through the pictures. The other day while he was picking up take-out he had gone into a home store while waiting. He'd seen a print he thought we should get. He showed me a picture of a print of Noah's Ark. And I ask if there's a special reason he likes it.

He says, "For the nursery! It's momma and baby animals, see."

I started crying, and then he thinks I'm upset, and says, "We will have a baby, baby."

I then have to explain to him that the tears are good tears. That I'm crying because my heart just melted for him to say that. That he would actually think of something like that when he's not with me. That he really wants a baby, too. It's not just my desire, but our desire together. It reminded me that he's really in this, too.


(Our theme for a nursery, girl or boy, will be safari animals. We have already bought several gender-neutral items that are for this theme. I'll add in gender-specific issues when the time comes.)


  1. awwww! My heart just melted a little too!

  2. Adorable! What a fantastic hubby you have!