Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update - 30 weeks

Well, here we are. 30 weeks. Completely unimaginable 27 weeks ago (prior to knowing I was in fact pregnant).

Went in today for my monthly appointment and everything looked great. Little Bird is head down and has a heart rate 150 bmp. I've gained 13 pounds total (so proud of myself!).

I've got so much to write about, but every time I sit down to post, I somehow get distracted. I will be posting pics of LB's nursery soon. It is *almost* finished. I can't wait to show it off!

I had my first shower 2 weekends ago. My church family (and extended family) were incredibly generous and surprisingly most of them stuck to the registry! I was anticipating that because baby things are so darned cute that people would just buy clothes and cutesy stuff. It was fairly unwarranted, 90% of the gifts were off my registry. I still need things like bottles and plain onesies/tshirts, but nothing big. The only big item I have left on the registry is our car seat, but since I've got our stroller travel system with infant carrier, I won't be needing that until LB is about 6 months old.

I've been battling a little bit more heartburn and have a bit of a cough. My OB told me today that I could safely take any OTC cough medicine and that there was no reason for me to suffer. That is was better for LB that i be healthy and feeling good. Stopped and got cough syrup on the way home! Thank goodness. It's been causing me not to sleep well.

Also, I got a mother-to-be massage yesterday. It was great! I was a lot more stiff than I even thought I was. Again, LB wasn't the culprit, but having to sleep on my side. I'd developed several tension knots in my shoulder blades. I slept much better last night, but still had the cough, so I'm hoping that with a few doses of cough syrup in me, I'll sleep really well tonight!

So that's the latest. I have another shower in 2 more weeks and then it's just finishing touches and waiting for LB's arrival. I'm hoping to hit up the pool next week - plenty of sunshine in the forecast!


  1. Your bump is beautiful :)

    Glad the shower was a success!

  2. You are glowing! So happy for you. I can't wait to see the nursery!!!!

  3. You look great! Congrats on the 30 week mark :)