Thursday, April 14, 2011

Early Delivery

Don't worry, not my dear Little Bird, but the first piece of his nursery furniture!

We special-ordered this rocker-glider about 4 weeks ago with an expected 8-week delivery. I got the call yesterday that it had come in - surprise! It is exactly what I'd hope it would be. It is neutral, but not boring and coordinates perfectly with our living room furniture. Why does that matter? Because I doubt that in another 2-3 years LB is going to want a rocking chair in his bedroom and the only other place for it to go is the living room - so it had to be able to fit into both! Tall order, but easier because of the color scheme of browns in the nursery.


Can't wait for his crib and dresser to come in. But I fully expect those to take the full 8 weeks. And really they can wait since I scheduled the carpets to be cleaned in 2 more weeks. Don't want to mess with having to move the furniture (even if we leave it in the boxes) around the house.


  1. ohhh, i love that glider, the color and design is really nice! and I like the forethought that it will eventually end up in your living room!

  2. I am always a fan of a good chair! Lucky you got it in early. I look forward to seeing the finished nursery product!

  3. Whoa, you freaked me out for a second there with the title of this post! My heart, don't do that to me! :)

    Great glider!

  4. Fun! What store did you buy it from? I need to start looking for one and I really haven't researched at all or know what exactly I want.