Friday, December 10, 2010

And if you ever saw her, you would even say she glows

Apparently, "it's so obvious" that I'm pregnant because I'm "totally glowing."

I attended a Christmas lunch today hosted by a woman who is a nurse and has 3 grown children. BFF and I went together and escaped as soon as we could. It was fun and all, but we only knew 2 other people there and one was the hostess.

Anyway, one of the other guests was BFF's boss and when they got back to the office, BFF was informed I was "off the list" (invitation list) because they don't allow anyone with young children.

BFF was confused and asked her why she would think I would have a child by next Christmas. Her response was, "BFF, It's so obvious Alison is pregnant. She's totally glowing!"

BFF called to tell me this and you have to say the above sentence in your head with the most "are you just plain dumb" voice you can. It was hilarious.

Since I'm waiting to even tell her, my only response was, "You gotta love them, they think they're right about everything!"

My mother confirms this, telling me that she thought that it was just her that saw it because she knows that I really am pregnant.

So I guess I'm only fooling my yet-to-have-children friends!


  1. I am just getting caught up on all my blogs and came across your great news Congrats!

  2. Congrats on glowing ;) I would have never noticed anything like that. She must be super perceptive.

  3. Wow! That's funny! Yay for being a glowing pg lady :)

  4. Wow Girl! That is a pretty awesome comment. It makes me smile from so far away :)

    Do you feel like you are glowing? I picture you glowing with gratitude and love.

  5. So damn excited for you! Keep on shining girl! Merry Christmas!!!

  6. When I was in early pregnancy I had a lot of people randomly compliment me on my looks or tell me that I looked like I had changed something about myself. It was in the weeks bfore the morning sickness kicked in and it was even stranger because I worked for an engineering firm at the time with mostly men and they were even doing it. There is truth to the saying that pregnant women glow!