Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ditzy moment of the day

I realized today (Wednesday) that I missed my OBGYN pap appointment Monday. Ooops!!!

So I had to call and ask all pretty-please if I could have another appointment ASAP. My clinic won't let me do the IVF cycle without it. And it's not like I haven't had PLENTY of time.

But an acquaintance works at my OBGYN office and I lucked out when she answered when I called. Fessed up my goof and she made room in the appointment book for me on this coming Monday. I feel like such a dodo!


  1. Phew, glad you were able to reschedule it.

  2. Infertility does that to you I find... makes you forget things! Luckily they got you in without a fuss!