Monday, October 18, 2010

Back from the Beach

Hey kids, I'm back. My girls weekend to the beach was quick and long all at the same time. My BFF and I took an accidental detour on the way down to the beach, so it took us about an hour longer than it should have to get where we were going. We were able to make it to the rehearsal dinner on time. Whew!

Saturday was wedding day and it really turned out rather nice. The bride had been a little off with her estimate of 100 guests - there was about 30 of us there. But we had a nice time and the weather could not have been nicer. The BFF and I hit the outlet mall! She took it upon herself to single-handedly stimulate the economy of the state we visited. I, on the other hand, caught some GREAT steals! Three pairs of shoes and a sweater for only $54!! I had set a limit in my head of $50 for the excursion. We then joined up with the rest of our friends for some great seafood at a fab little whole in the wall.

We drove home yesterday, and about halfway, I completely lost my voice! I had been "croaky" since Saturday, but I guess I overdid it a little and had to be quiet (eeek!) for an hour or so before I could speak again. Fortunately, I woke up fine this morning.

(Only 5 more days of BCP!!!!!!!!)


  1. Glad you had a good weekend. You should post some pics!!

  2. Nice outlet deals! Glad you had a nice long/short weekend with your girlfriends.

    Woohoo.. 5 more days!

  3. I love outlet malls! I wish I had one close to me!