Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I almost forgot: she came!

I went on a little vacation. Just a few (7) hours away from home. To see a football game. I'd only do it for the hubs. And I was surrounded by people in orange.

AF came the day we left, she left the day we came home. It was nice and light (again), but accompanied by A LOT of cramping.

I will start my first-ever pack of BCP Friday. For those of you who have taken BCP before, is there a preferred time of day? I'm so accustomed to the fertility meds being taken at night, but I'd like to get back in the habit of taking a PNV each day and think it would be easier to take both at once. So, does it matter?

This means that in 58 days we will begin our actual IVF cycle. Wow... that's less than 2 months!!! (barely, but I'll take it!) That puts us at Nov 5. And it's still too early to even try to lay out the dates for ER & ET. But it *should* be right before Thanksgiving. Which is what I had hoped. That way, we won't know on Turkey Day and can enjoy the day and then we will know the results well before Christmas as not to spoil that either. The best laid plans, huh?

Saving has gone really well. God has really been providing extra work for me, so I'm *this* close to our goal and hopefully I'll be able to earn over our goal - the more I can make, the less we have to ask Mom & Dad for!! We did have a minor setback as the hubs had to have a procedure (preventive care, he's fine) last week and we had to fulfill our deductible - $1000... Grrr! But I think we'll be ok still.


  1. I usually took BCP in the morning after my shower to go along with my morning routine so I wouldnt forget to take it. However, some women have better luck with taking a PNV in the evenings when pregnant because some have an issue with the vitamin making morning sickness worse (if it only happens in the AM which of course depends on the woman). So if/when you get pregnant, you may want to already be in the routine of taking the PNV in the evening.

    Anyway, I'm so so pulling for you Alison and sending up all my prayers for you and your DH! Many hugs!

  2. Here's wishing for all of your plans to come together just perfectly!

  3. I always took my BCP (and still take my PNV) at night. It's part of my bedtime routine. I got a bit nauseated from BCP and did better with them in the evening. It doesn't really matter when you take them, as long as it's pretty consistent. I'm glad everything is moving along! November will be here in no time!

  4. When I worked in a pharmacy the pharmicist always said that it doesn't matter why time of day you take it as long as you take it the same time of day everyday. So if you start evenings you have to always take it in the evening.
    I am so excited for you!!

  5. Alison, that sounds really great! I hope this perfect timing works for you. November will be here in no time!
    I always used to take BCPs in the morning - but I guess any time that fits in with some sort of routine of yours will be best.

  6. So glad she came.
    I take my BCP will my other meds as soon as I get home from work.
    So much luck!

  7. I am so excited for you Alison!! I'm terrible with taking BCPs I take them at random different times, often double up after forgetting,etc BUT I know ideally you take them at the same time every day and make it part of your daily routine.

  8. Sounds like perfect timing for IVF! I am excited that you are starting your protocol!