Friday, August 20, 2010

Who knew?

Well, the RE's nurse called back yesterday and they want me to do a round of Pr0vera before moving on to birth c0ntrol. Yippee, the hubs will LOVE that! (I'm way moody on Pr0vera).

The nurse offered to call in the meds + the BCP. I only ever used the Rin.g so I didn't have a preference. She went ahead and called me in the kind they prefer for the IVF cycles, so I will be on that for about 3 months. It's so cute! I never had the little pack and this one came in a brown case and has a swing arm type mechanism.

The best news? My new insurance covers both the Pr0vera and the BCP! If I'd only known! Thank goodness the Pro is pretty cheap anyway, but I did save $7! I have no idea what BCP runs, but the NR runs $50 a month, so the $10 co-pay was great.

At least my ins covers more than just ab0rtion - it also covers prevention!


  1. My opinion from what I've seen of most insurance coverage plans, is that they will cover just about ANY procedure to prevent a pregnancy (aka to them: another person they will have to cover), so tough luck to those trying to get pregnant. It sucks :(
    Can't wait for November to see how your IVF goes! :)

  2. Yay for some insurance coverage. I hope the provera isn't too mean to you, and that the time to IVF goes quickly!

  3. That bcp sounds like the one I was on as well. I hope the provera doesn't treat you too bad. Yea for saving money!