Tuesday, August 3, 2010


When is it going to be my turn? That is the question weighing on my mind today. When. I hate the wait and the not knowing, especially not knowing whether or not I'll ever even get a turn.

Today, one of my bloggy-buddy friends gave birth to her daughter. And I am truly happy for her. She worked hard and cried as many, if not more, tears than I have. I would never, for one second ask her to trade places with me.

But I still want to know what it feels like to be pregnant. To feel the little kicks, and the not so little kicks. I want to know what it feels like to have my newborn child placed in my arms. I'm not so sure about the whole labor ordeal, but after this much trial, it isn't like I couldn't do it.

So, anyone out there with a crystal ball want to give me a hint? (just kidding, sorta!)

Day 3 of 14...


  1. I'm thinking about you Ali! I hope that you know that you can always talk to me!

  2. I am most excited about labor, ok I am MOST excited to finally have a child, but I can't wait for labor :)

    That questions "when's my turn" is a question I ask nearly everyday. Its so hard to watch friends get pregnant and then (although we are happy for them) Its hard to watch our blog friends move on as well. Sometimes I worry that I will be the last of the bloggers left. I am sure our time is around the corner somewhere............right??

  3. Ummmm. DITTO! That is all. xo

  4. I think about this a lot too. This is not an easy road. On the other side, we are going to be amazing mothers.

  5. Love to you. xxoo