Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My geeky little heart!

This is completely un-TTC related since we are currently side-lined. But that's ok, because I kinda like my hormones going haywire!

And so on to things that make my geeky little heart happy: being able to sign into multiple gm@il addresses at once - or at least 2! I have 8 total, but they all forward into the main personal account. Anyway... I have my main personal email alison...@gma!l.com and of course I have my giggygirl...@gmai!.com for y'all. Well, this blog was built on the GG account for privacy's sake and it's always a hassle to log out of the "alison" account to edit/post. But then, why searching around for something else, I stumbled upon the instructions for multiple accounts! Yippee skippy!

I've been working a lot lately - yay! One of my clients, the one where my role is expanding, asked me to look at setting up some sort of FTP (external hosting server) site for them. But they want it free and user-friendly. Well, that doesn't exist. Free does, but it ever-so-honestly for "advanced users" and user-friendly you have to pay for. Since this is mainly for internal purposes of sharing my work, I looked into other solutions. But other solutions usually had limited storage space. Then a lightbulb went off - when all else fails "g00gle!" I went into G00gle apps and found site$. They even have a page setup called file cabinet. It was perfect and for only $10 a year - 10 gigs of space - more than enough! Woo hoo! Problem solved. I spent most of my working hours today building it. And it looks super! It will also be really, really helpful and reduce the number of times I have to send a client a specific file.

So, those 2 things are really making the geeky side of me smile today.


  1. I love love love google sites, and google apps, and google docs, and on and on. My co-worker and I once wrote a birthday card to google, to tell them how much we loved them. Can you believe it, they sent us a big package of google gear - notepads and pens and stickers and stuff. It was so much fun!

    ML also uses dropbox for filesharing. I haven't had a ned for it, but I think that it is free, and it seems really easy.

    Hurray for the steady work!

  2. Cool! I love google and am glad you were able to find a product that works well for you and your client.

  3. You rule! I have been waiting for this, and didn't even know it existed! Multiple accounts ENABLED! Thanks, girl!

  4. Yay! Multiple accounts is awesome! I'm so excited - thank you for sharing.