Monday, July 12, 2010

Last day + Other News

Today is the last day of Pr0vera 2.0. We'll see. My bbs are sore and my face has broken out, so I'm *hoping* that these are good signs since they are very typical for me in the days prior to AF. Accepting all "AF come quickly" vibes - I know everyone has plenty of those to share!

In other news, I'm a glutton for punishment, and have offered to throw the hub's friend + pg wife a baby shower. I had sworn I would not do it, that another friend of ours/theirs could do it, but she's being a total slacker and I am going to just suck it up. My hubs talked to his friend the other night and there have been a lot of problems along the way and the baby is going to have to have surgery within days of being born. It shouldn't be a survival issue, but I don't think any parent wants to see their newborn go in for surgery. We also found out that this couple m/c last summer and almost lost this baby, too. I feel like they deserve some sort of "normalcy" and the only way I can help is to put on a happy face and throw them the best couple shower in town!

And there's still more: I bought a pleater. For smocking. A friend at church was selling hers, so I bought it. It's in great condition and I even found a lady here in town who is an extremely talented sewer who can walk me through each step and even help me with some of my basic sewing techniques. So excited!!!



  1. I'll have to email you a picture - my mom made nearly all of the clothes for my sisters and I and most of them were smocked. We still have a few of the dresses that have been passed down to some younger cousins and family friends and I am sure are in a special place being kept for her granddaughters.

    Your heart must be full of love for your friends and their new babe. I am sure that you will host a wonderful shower, and I'll wish you lots of strength to keep a smile on your face and show that new mom and dad the love that you feel.

  2. Sewing is fun, although I've never used a pleater. I think what you're doing for your friends is wonderful, and I'm sure that any little bit of normalcy, when their excitement is likely tinges with so much worry is a very good thing. You're a great friend.