Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Final Countdown

We are on the final countdown to my 28th birthday. 28. Ugh. Started TTC when I was still 25. Fortunately when you add up the months it is *only* 25 months and 23 cycles. I'd like to make it 24.

We have decided that should IUI #5 not work (please,please,please let it work!!!) that we will not be pursuing IVF until the new year. Financially this decision is best. And thank goodness I'm making this decision while I am not in an emotional state. I'm reasonably clear-headed. And as my mother reminded yesterday, we're already half-way through July so it's only 5.5 months away. And we will begin as soon as we can come Jan 1, 2011.

Of course, 5 seems to be some sort of magic number in the IUI-world, so maybe we won't have to wait too much longer. (I swear I've heard SO MANY BFP stories on IUI#5 - so, so, so many!)



  1. I really really really hope number 5 is the only one that matters! Fingers and toes crossed hon!

  2. Hi Alison! I'm new to your blog and I am also on the countdown to 28:( I will be hoping and praying that #5 is your magic number!

  3. C'mon number FIVE!!!!! Let it be the one, please let it be the one. xo

  4. Hoping #5 is your lucky number, fingers crossed.

    Also I just added you to my blogroll and Google Reader, looking forward to reading more.
    liddy @ the unfair struggle

  5. Hi, Alison - It's the writer who talked to you the other month. I'm also beginning IUI cycle #5 in a few days. And turned 28 two months ago. And have been TTC since 2 months before my 26th birthday. Woot woot! Best of luck.