Wednesday, April 7, 2010


These 2 months "off" are starting to feel like a little vacation. Just a little break from the madness that is TTC. I thought I'd be getting antsy, but I'm not. It's been nice to not count cycle days - to have to go and look up my chart because I'd like to know when AF is going to show (just so I don't get caught out somewhere with no clue!).

Looks like I should see her this weekend. I'm hoping for later rather than sooner, because we're edging into my real vacation. Looks like I'll probably have to take some emergency supplies with me when we go. But, even if AF comes really early, it's still all ok for start the 'mid on CD3 of the next cycle. Still can't really believe that the time if passing as fast as it is. Guess I can thank a lot of work and personal projects for that.

Speaking of projects, the hubs and I started cleaning out my flower beds this past weekend. We worked on one bed for 3 hours pulling grass, not weeds, out of it. I wish it had been weeds, they are so much easier to remove. But we got the most of it. I plan to plant this coming weekend if the rain stays away or is gone by then. In another bed, I do need to weed, but half of my plants are coming back!


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  1. I love the new site!! its so pretty.....keep enjoying those days
    off :)